Hope in the Future is an invitation from Bishop John Arnold, to every parish in the Diocese of Salford to recognise and develop their missionary identity and their call to evangelise.

This is a 5 stage journey and we are currently in
Stage 3 – Living the Sunday Eucharist.

The current Hope in The Future team members are:
Fr. Pat, Sihle Chinamasa, Teresa Clark, Shirley Ganyo,
Constance Goddard, Liz Gondalez, Hilary Huckenhall,
John Kelly, Yvette Ryle, Denise Samuels, Liz Wright

The team usually meet on the last Thursday of each month.

Members of the team are in the process of carrying out a parish census. After mass each Saturday morning we go out into the parish knocking on doors and speaking with people. On this journey we have met with many people including a number of our lapsed brothers and sisters. Our hope is to reach out to people and in doing so build a stronger and closer parish community. If you would like to help out on any Staurday morning your support would be most welcome. Please speak with any member of the team.

As part of the Hope in the Future, Bishop John has asked Parish groups to try to forge closer links with their local primary schools. This is something that we continue to develop and have improved communications between church and our schools. At St. Alphonsus, members of the parish have attended the school coffee mornings and the school choir have attended Sunday mass. At Our Lady’s, since the start of Hope in The Future, there has been a greater involvement of the children in the Sunday mass. In both churches children who are on the sacramental programme take part in the offertory procession and at Our Lady’s the younger children help with the collection.

Another development in Our Lady’s church has been the introduction of 20 minutes Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament before Sunday Mass.

The Hope in The Future programme is enabling parishioners with different talents to work together for the common good our our parish.


God our loving Father, we thank you for blessing our parish communities with all that we need to respond to our vocation to be missionary disciples. We ask you to pour out afresh the gifts of your Spirit upon each one of us, that we may be inspired to serve you in new and creative ways, bringing your light to the world. We ask your blessing upon us as we journey together in hope through Christ Our Lord, Amen.
You can find full details of the Hope in the Future project on the Diocese of Salford website.